Saturday, 31 January 2009

Hi Everyone!

Well I'm still here, still trying to work out all of this Blogging techno!

Thought I would practice by adding a picture of my fantastic holiday in New York :)

We went the first week of December and it was out of this world. New York is somewhere I have always wanted to go and hubby (secretly) agreed we would go with friends when it was suggested. They kept me in the dark for 4 months - eventually telling me over fears of me finding all of the text messages that were sent back and fore regarding paying for things!

We had such a busy week: Helicopter tour - in fact we did that twice as when it finished we realised she'd put us on the wrong tour! So we had to go again! (The photo was taken from the helicopter). We went to Washington for the day - that was fab, White House, Capital Building, Lincoln Memorial etc. We even flew to Niagara for a day and had lunch on the 13th floor of a hotel overlooking the Falls before doing the walk behind them - and it snowed!!! We went to watch Lion King, we did the Empire State Building, 'Top of The Rock' at The Rockefeller Centre - in fact they were turning the Christmas tree lights on when we were there - WOW! Overlooking Ground Zero is The WTC Memorial Museum and that was so poignant - it was all done very tastefully and all money taken goes straight to the Families Trust. We also did the National History Museum - I'd had instructions to take photos of the 'Hubba-Bubba' statue, the T-rex and everything else that you see when you watch 'Night at The Museum'!!! We went to Liberty Island and walked up inside the plinth of Lady Liberty (If you thought like I did, that you actually walk up the inside of the statue - you don't!).

However, for me the best times of that week in New York were spent walking around Central Park - it is magical - the noise and commotion of the city is lost in that mass of greenery that is the country-side in the middle of a concrete jungle!


Friday, 30 January 2009

Hi :)

Just beginning to set up my blog!
Hopefully will get the hang of it - come back soon to see if I have!!