Nappy Cakes

Hi All

I wanted to add a few of my Nappy Cakes all in one place - so thought what better way than add a new page!

What do you think....

Got photos of quite a few more to find too ;)


  1. They are all STUNNING.Do they cost out as very expensive.I love them,never made one but would like to have a go.My friends daughter is about to have a little

  2. These are AWESOME!!!! I've just recently been tasked to make some of these and wa-la I find your post. Your ideas are amazing! Have you ever made them with dump trucks for little boys? Just curious...I need some hints on what to do with one. Love your VERY inspiring!

  3. Hello and wow!
    Hi Carol, thanks for your comment on my blog, I appreciate you taking the time to pop over.
    I have Pins up for grabs as Candy again so pop back when you have five and go to the Candy post (just click on the Pins pic on right of my blog) and as long as you are a follower and leave a comment on the Candy post you will be entered into the draw. I am offering a Starter kit with glue or ready made pins (winner chooses). Good luck
    Well, your Nappy Cakes are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. How clever, did you come up with this idea yourself? Even if you didn't, you have done a wonderful job of these; any new mother/father would feel so special receiving one of these.
    You are right about us being pretty close. I actually used to go through Port Talbot alot as I was in Boarding School in Swansea as a girl (loved it!). That was many years ago now though.
    Lovely to say hi. I'll be back regularly, so take care, catch up again. Hugs Linda x

  4. Nappy Cakes are easy in demand in the market today, as lots of baby shower events use this as their centerpiece. It is easy to sell and can be a good business indeed. It can be a good gift for babies as they can use all the baby items included here.