Sunday, 23 May 2010

Not much crafting this weekend.....

...........due to the glorious weather we are having :)

Just thought I'd let you know where I am................

It's hard to believe that between us and that mountain in the background (to the right of the umbrella and which is less that a mile away) is the busy M4!!!

It may not be the largest or lushest of gardens but on a day like today I can sit back close my eyes and  hear the fish splashing around, hear the water running and listen to the birds - OK, most of the birds we get are Seagulls - but you get used to them!

And the thing is I've got it all to myself! Hubby's in work :(  the girls went to London yesterday on a Hen weekend and Ben had a 'stay up till stupid O'clock on X-Box night' round at his mates so I doubt he'll see much day-light today!

Think I'm going to go and get some images and my water colour pencils and do some colouring in the sun :)

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend wherever you may be


  1. looks lovely,dont forget the glass of wine,x

  2. What a beautiful little haven you have there Carol! I spent an hour or two in the shade in mine but gave up and came back to my craft room!

    Sounds like you have a lovely few hours of pure relaxation ahead of you!


    Keryn x

  3. wow, looks fantastic! Have a super day!

  4. It looks like a wonderful little haven there Carol. Unfortunately I can't sit out in it and am just begging for the cool stuff to come back :o)
    Jackie xx

  5. Looks beautiful Carol, thought you were going to say you were staying at an apartment in Cyprus or something. Enjoy many hours of peace in your sanctuary. xx

  6. It's a beautiful scene, enjoy!


  7. Looks beautiful hope you enjoyed your day and out there again today Margaret

  8. I thought for a minute there you were on holiday, wow what a lovely garden, I could just sit there and let you bring me my cuppa or something a little stronger if its hot out, lol, great little sun trap! Teresa xx