Saturday, 21 February 2009

My First Awards!

I've recieved awards off 3 fellow bloggers this week :)
I hope I can get them on here ok!!
I'll pass them on when I work out how to link to another blog :o

The first one is a 'Friends Award' and this was given to me by Helen & Pauline - Thanks girlies - I really appreciate you thinking of me :)

Samantha has also sent me this fab award (wish I knew how to do the linky bit... Worked it out - a week later!!! Will have to get these passed on now!)

Thank you Samantha - I'm touched :)

I've had a few more 'toys' this week, so will be playing as much as possible over the weekend, although my daughter has an Irish Dancing competition on Sunday so there's a day with no crafting :(

'Speak' to you soon,


  1. Hiya hun .... you're welcome. i'm about to email you some specific instructions on how to link to another blog.
    Pauline x

  2. Congratultions on your first awards Carol! I'm sure that they'll be the first of many!
    Thanks for the gorgeous card...and all the lovely images...can't wait to have a play!
    Was going to email you instructions for linking, but I can see Pauline's already got you sorted!
    Helen x

  3. Hi Carol Im lovin your blog!it was great to see you on mine thanks!!i need to improve it yet though just learning lol!!!!