Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Nappy Cake

Well today has been my first ever 'snow' day!!! Got sent home from work after only an hour. Yipee.......Get some crafting done, I thought!!! Well didn't quite work out like that, although I have stamped a ton of Penny Black images for my supplies :)

I promised yesterday to add one of my Nappy Cakes.

This is a Christening one I did last year for a 6 month old.
I always include a 'Recipe' card with details of everything enclosed - and use nappies and clothes in the next size up as I find babies always have loads of clothes for presents (newborn or older). This way mum can keep it up for a while without fear of the contents not fitting!


  1. This is fabulous Carol! They make such brilliant gifts! Can't wait for one of my friends to have a baby, so that I can have a go! lol

  2. This is gorgeous Carol - love it!
    Pauline x

  3. I love the way you do these Carol, they're such a great idea for a new mum. xxsue

  4. Lovely idea - I really should have a go at this. Love the ickle ducks!!
    Cathy xx

  5. Brilliant cake carol! I am better at savoury though! I really admire people who can make cakes! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a lovely comment, Pascale

  6. I have seen this a few times Carol but everytime I see it I still am amazed how brilliant it is!!
    happy blogging hunny!
    Samantha :0)

  7. This is great Carol, a lovely gift.
    Michele x

  8. Love these Carol this looks great.

    Christine xx

  9. What a fab gift! Welcome to blogland! Thank you for the lovely comments you left on my blog!X

  10. This is so cute!
    There is something on my blog for you!
    Love, Alex

  11. this is fab...anyone would be so chuffed to get something like this when they have a baby xxx

  12. I love it Carol great idea too! i keep meaning to make one!!