Wednesday, 17 June 2009

A Little Taster.........................

...............of more pictures to come!!!

I was at the Millenium Stadium last night with another 60,000 people. It was FAB!!!

If you've yet to go to the Take That Circus Tour you may not want to look at any more pictures - it might take the surprise out of the fantastic spectacle you are in for! Just don't take your eyes off the mass of balloons that come onto stage at the start ;)

I will put a couple more of the 196 photos I took up on Friday :)

By the way, we weren't this close - I just took the highest zoom camera that we have!


  1. Great pictures Carol, wasn't it just superb, so professional and isn't Gary gorgeous, can't wait to see the rest! xxsue

  2. oh you lucky sod lol what i wuda done to have been there and rnt they yummy,looking forward to seeing the rest of your pics

    hope your well

    love n hugs