Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Hope Your Christmas Went Well :)

Hi bloggers :)

Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas - safe and warm :)

We had a great time here - even tho the kids are much older now it was great to see that we can still make them speachless with their presents! Ben was totally bowled over when he ripped the paper off his Gaming Chair - he just stood there like an overwhelmed 5 year old.....and he's 18!
I do love Christmas and the ability we have as mothers, to completly throw everyone off the trail of any presents they have..............even Rob was gobsmaked with his complete collection of 'House' on DVD!
Zoe and Ceri were also chuffed with their new TV's and Brad - our Border Collie - hasn't let one of his new toys out of sight since! I took a pic of him pulling a cracker with me, it was fab - but not a very good picture - think I will have to 'stage' another one and get the focus right this time!!!

I'm itching to get back into crafting now - Zoe bought me a mini sewing machine so I no longer have to lug my full size one each time I want to add a few stiches to a card......guess what'll be included on all of my January cards now!!!

If I don't 'speak' to you before, have a wonderful New Year - and if you get hit by this snow we are promised in the UK this week, keep warm.


  1. Hello Carol. Its sounds like you had a fantastic christmas, with all those fab pressies knocking around, how wonderful.
    We had a lovely time too and got lots of lovely things too.
    Have fun Carol and may I wish you and your family a Very Happy new Year when it arrives. Take care and keep warm, its freezing here today.
    Happy Crafting.
    Love Sandra xx

  2. Lucky you for getting a mini one, looking forward to the stiched cards ;)

    And thanks a bunch for pointing out the daft linking on RoP.

    Hope you'll have a marvellous New Year celebration.