Wednesday, 3 February 2010

No Challenge - Just wanted to share :)

I do an awful lot of personalised cards using photo's. This card was for a friend's mum's friends daughter!!!!!

I don't usually add these types of cards to my blog as there's only limited 'crafting' in them and I'd feel a bit of a cheat....but I was so pleased with how this one turned out I wanted to show it off!!!!

Thanks for popping by - see you soon xxx

Edited to add....

...In response to Jackie's comment - PLEASE don't think I'm minimising the 'crafting' that goes into the fantastic cards that we all make using photo's.......I probably didn't choose my words very well above!

The photographs you take Jackie and use on your cards are amazing - if you've not seen them ladies pop over here - It's just when I use a photo on a card, I scan it (given to me by the photographer to do so), crop it and print it. If I could 'alter' the pic in any way (not learnt that yet!) or actually take fantastic photographs like you do they'd be all over my blog!!! I must STOP admiring your work from afar and actually buy a CD!

Does anyone know of any challenge blogs that specialise in the use of photo's?

Off now to make another 'photo' card for someone in work to give to their 80yr old Uncle :)

THANK YOU Jackie - I consider myself reminded how good it can be to use photos on our cards :)


  1. Hi Carol,
    Like you I don't do this type of card but I must say that your layout for this one is terrific. It really works.
    Fiona x

  2. Carol, your card turned out beautiful, not to mention that the young lady dressed up the front of the card somewhat!!!! She is going to love it. Wonderful idea and love how you added the flowers and sentiments to the card.
    Very nice.

  3. It's fantastic. Really cool to use photos to personalize cards.

  4. Beautiful card and young lady. I don't agree on the 'limited' crafting using photographs. Part of the 'craft' is to take the photographs and print them out :o)
    Jackie xx

  5. Oh bless you Carol, please believe I did not think for one moment that you were belittling others who use photographs on their cards, I was telling you that you had made a good job of it :o)
    Jackie xx

  6. I didn't take it like that at all Jackie - It was just I realised what I'd written and felt I was the one doing the belittling!!!!
    Thank You :)

    Carol x

  7. Love your fabulous card Carol!
    Beautiful colours and detail!
    I love that this is so very personal and that it will be treasure forever!
    kim x