Friday, 29 January 2010

Kellie's Sugarplum Candy :)

Kellie is offering some gorgeous Sugarplum kids stamps........aren't they the cutest!!! These cards she has made with them are stunning.

I'd LOVE to be lucky enough to win these, I'm sure they'd look fab in my 'cute' stamp basket :) If I don't manage to win them I think I'm going to have to start saving some pennies for them - they're now added to my 'must have' list!

Pop over to Kellie's blog to get more info, here's an extract:

In this kit you will receive 9 Sugarplum kids, 2 accessory stamps, and one set of Spring Sentiments. And I can say that they are all just GORGEOUS! A must have for EVERY stamper!

So go on then............................pop over.................................but then if you do my odds to win go down - so maybe you best not!


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  2. hi Hun,
    have spent ages looking through your blog such wonderful posts and gorgeous creations. Could I ask what photo image software you use as I think I may need to upgrade mine soon, love the way every one watermarks there photo's and does that little snippet at the top of each post, would love to be able to have a go at that.
    hugs Kate xx