Thursday, 14 January 2010

Nappy Cake :)

I had to get this Nappy Cake done for a girl in work whose niece has had her baby a little early! So no cards tonight :(

I absolutely love making these......although I spend AGES working out the best way to wrap the clothes around each tier and then trying to invisibly pin everything!

This cake uses 32 Pampers, Pink Fleece Blanket, Bunny Blanket, Bunny Hooded Jumpsuit, 3 Face Cloths, 2 pairs of Socks, 2 Spoons, Dummy, 2 Rubber Ducks, Cuddly Toy, Baby Oil, Talc & Lotion.

I always include a 'Recipe' Card with all of the contents (and sizes) and a photo of the cake...............


Thanks for visiting and if you want to see a couple more of my Nappy Cakes click on the pic on my sidebar.............I'll have to get all I've done in a slide show soon!


  1. What a fantastic idea and such a cute gift - I'm sure the new mummy will love it.
    ju xx

  2. it's totally wonderful. You are so talented.