Saturday, 12 June 2010

Brad's been for a haircut!!!

Brad, our Border Collie, has been feeling the heat in the nice weather we've seen glimpse's of over the last few weeks - so last week I booked him an appointment for a trim!

Here he is at 3 0'clock this afternoon.........

And here he is at 6 O'clock......

What do you think!

 It's taken years of him - he looks like a puppy again!
 I wonder...................................

The girl who did him said he was very good - I bet he loved all the fuss.
At least he should be a bit cooler, if we're lucky enough to have a Summer this year!


  1. Just so adorable! I think he looks like he is ready to strut his new look!

  2. Ah He looks a handsome dog now. Kathleen x

  3. what a transformation! And he looks fairly pleased about the change too =)

  4. Awww...doesn't he look smart!
    Helen x

  5. He's a jolly handsome fella, he'll feel loads better if we get a summer this year!! xxsue

  6. aw hes gorgeous and certainly looks very cool :) luv coops.xx