Sunday, 6 June 2010

HELP Fellow Docrafters!!!

Those of you who know me from Docrafts know that every month I arrange the Friendship Card Swap. Well I have a problem!
I can't post on DC!!!! I'm getting that stupid 'Glitter in the system' message :(
The Partners List is all ready to type out - but I can't get on there! I have PM'd a couple of people asking them to post an explanation for me - but I don't know if they are getting through!!!

If you are a member of DC can you just assure everyone I've not forgotten and I'm sorry the Partners List will be late this month - in almost 3 years of doing this each month, I've only ever once posted the list 1 day late - June's list is now 3 days late :(

As soon as I can get on I will,



  1. hi carol,am sure peeps will understand as you give up your time to organise this,x
    i keep getting glittered and can only reply to posts myself,wont let me add my new challenge either,hope its sorted soon,xx

  2. I just tried to put up a post for you Carol, but I got glittered too, sorry. Hope DC sort it out soon. xx

  3. have left a message on my joke thread as peeps reading that and i keep it updated,x

  4. Hi Carol, i did get your pm,but I am also unable to do anything,couldn't even reply to your pm, don't worry everyone will understand xx

  5. OMG how bad is that!!!
    I did wonder if it was just me cos I could see new posts being added to threads - so glad now that I know it's not!!!

    Thanks ladies :)

    Carol x

  6. Hi Carol, I have the same probs with DC and don't really go on there anymore because of it.
    I did try and post it for you but had the flipping glitter too
    hugs Mandy xx

  7. Hi Carol,I have more probs with DC since the change over and don't go on anymore,sorry your having trouble,I will go on and try and post for you hun,good luck with it all.xx

  8. Me again,just been and tried everything,now I can't post/reply as well as upload.....I'm done with them....hope it sorts out for you

  9. Hi Carol, I'm afraid I can't upload or comment most of the time and it takes ages to keep on trying. I've got lots of lovely friends there but it's taking up so much time to get nowhere..

  10. Still not working I just had a try. Ann x

  11. oh my things are getting a little hard to do on DC...
    carol i am sure things will get sorted and it looks like everyone is having a problem so they will understand. hugs carol x