Saturday, 14 August 2010

Advice Please.........Photo Tents???

Hi All,

Hope your weekend is starting well. I've not got a card today - not had one for quite a few days.......Wedding Number 3 is creeping ever closer so that is taking priority at the moment.

However I am after some advice from all of you wonderful crafters.

Photo Tents!!!!

Photos look so much more professional when they're used that I feel I need one! But, I'm not willing to spend the prices I've found them at!

I've found a few sites with 'DIY tents' the best one so far being......

But I just want to know whether any of you have any ideas or links you'd like to share with me?


  1. Just had a chat with Toad about this - he reckons they are about £50 to buy but you can make one from muslin, tissue paper or anything that will diffuse the light. Make the frame out of coat hanger wire. Mind you, he didn't exactly come up with any instructions! Sxx

  2. mmmm have seen the photo tents but they are really expensive.i know some people use a 3 sided box lined with white card and then they shine a craft lamp down onto the i`m a little more basic.i prop my craft mat on to an easel,drape it with a white pillowcase and voila.

    xx coops xx

  3. Thanks both :)

    Squirrel the link in my post has another link to one made out of coat hangers - copy the info down and tell Toad you've come up with them!!! ;)

    Coops love your basic approach, a little like the one I'm using at the moment - 2 pieces of A3 card, one for the 'floor' other for the 'backdrop', card on Easel!

  4. Carol I made something a little like this and it works great for me and really was only buying the white poster board foam core. Got it when it was on sale.

  5. Thanks Dawn - Think I might have a go at making one soon!!!

  6. You have a cute blog. I can't wait to see the recipes you'll send in for the exchange!

  7. Hope the wedding plans are all going well.

    You may want to take a look at my blog as there is a little something on there for you xx

  8. Hi

    Just to let you know you have won my BasicGrey Blog Candy ! Could you please email me with your full name and address so that I can arrange for Steph at Simon Says Stamp to send your goodies to you !


    Jo x

  9. I got mine of ebay , mine is like this one except i dont have these lights :), truth be told though i dont use it so much lately :S, its much quicker just to use my craft desk as its white too :), a big tip is to get at least 2 daylight lamps though hun (i have 2 very similar to this ) , one for either side of your card so that there is not much shadow created, you wouldn't believe how much this cleans up your photos and brings out the true colours of your card :), and if need be, what i do is further lighten my photo a little bit in my photo program, which is actually free, its called Gimp and its fab :), another money saving tip is to simply place a 12 x 12 patterned paper behind your card, i used to do this and it does look lovely :), or you can simply use a big sheet of white card lol :), hope this has helped hun :)