Monday, 21 February 2011

Arty Farty Cherub Crib

1st one of these I've done for ages! I just love making them and always find something different to do for each one!

I'm waiting for the details to put on the name plate that I put on the outside foot of the cot...Name, Weight & Date

Some more details....

Inside, head of Crib

Inside, foot of Crib.

I use Art Straws for the bars and add an extra folded piece over straws to take the width of them, even tho they are squashed! (you can see it right hand side of pic above)
I add lace to 'bulk' up the gap that would be left top and bottom of straws too.
I used to sew a padded quilt for these - but that just takes toooo long - so now I add a 'paper' quilt...this one is Gemstones Cardstock.
The darker pink corners on the outer edges of the box are to give it a bit of definition - also to hide a score mark where I slipped!!!!


  1. Hi Carol,
    Wow what a fabulous project this is. It will mke a wonderful keepsake for such a special occasion. So much detailed work - it is gorgeous and beautifully crafted.
    Fiona x

  2. looks amazing, a very special gift

  3. This is really pretty Carol, I've only made one but have four friends producing babies over the next few months and may be making more - love the idea of using Art Straws - we have these at school, thinking I may need to sneak a few home!! I have the moses basket template and am going to try that out next xxsue