Monday, 7 May 2012

Congrats Ceri :)

Just wanted to share what I was doing this weekend - for those of you not 'friends' with me on FB. Those of you who are I apologise for showing you this again - I know you've already seen loads over the weekend!

As some of you are aware my daughter, Ceri, has been Irish Dancing for about 12 years now and most years we go to Dublin for her to compete in the Irish Open Championships. However we didn't go last year, nor the year before as she was having a break from competing.
So you can imagine how chuffed we were when this weekend she came 2nd!

How proud am I :)


  1. congrats and how fab. No wonder you are proud and Happy Birthday

  2. You have good reason to proud Carol, you have a beautiful and talented daughter :o)
    Jackie xx

    1. Thank you Jackie - very sweet of you :) x

  3. Congratulations to her and to you I can see you are a very proud mother.

  4. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! 2nd!! WELL DONE Ceri that is AWESOME!! what fantastic news! sorry I did not see this sooner! brilliant so chuffed for you Carol, hugs me xx