Tuesday, 24 July 2012

TTT - Circles!

Good evening peeps!
Those of us in the UK (well most if us) are enjoying some long awaited sunshine - doesn't everything seem so much better with some sun!

If you're delaying bed-time for it cool down a little why don't you pop over to TTT and have a look at our 

Some awesome prizes from some awesome sponsors - check them out!

Here's what I made for the circles challenge - have you seen my Nappy Cake tutorial?

Top Tip: When making Nappy Cakes use a piece of tubing (I used to use plastic drainage pipe from DIY store) to 'hold' all of the tiers together. I now save the inner tubes from cling film and foil...

We look forward to seeing your projects - and don't forget to share your Top Tips for more chances of prizes!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Margaret - I remember you liked the last one I posted too - have you had a look at the tutorial? :)

  2. Carol your Nappy cake is AWESOME your so clever! hugs me xx

    1. Thanks Hunni :) If I'd thought last weekend we could've sat and rolled Nappies till 3am instead of chatting! Doh! x