Saturday, 14 March 2009

I Want To Pass My 'GAG' On To......

( in Great Attitude and/or Gratitude)

I would like to show MY Gratitude to:

Sue and Gill

I realise I'm not doing this as I should, cos I'm s'posed to nominate 5 people, but I wanted to recognise the 2 people that have helped me from day 1 in my card-making life.

For the Great Attitude you have shown in the last 2 years with your inspiration and motivation. For the support you have offered and the confidence you nurtured inside me (I should write speech's!).

Thank You :)


  1. Oh Carol, that's so kind of you. Your comments on DoCrafts the other day for me were really special too. You know I still have that very first friendship card you sent me! I love to pop in your gallery as your cards and projects have really blossomed, you are so creative. I'm glad to have been there at the start but please don't blame me for all the money that I know it's cost you since then!! lol

  2. thank you so much for this award i was really touched when i realised it was also for me
    glad to help anytime
    so glad the little bits of advice over the years has helped in some way that's what it is all about isn't it
    i will now try and put the award on my blog knowing me it may take some time
    thanks again and sorry it's took me so long to recognise it but we have just been on holiday with mom
    take care
    gill x