Sunday, 22 March 2009

I've Done Another One!!!

Firstly, I hope all the mums reading this have had a good Mother's day :) Been spoilt rotten and allowed to craft ALL day!!! I'm just about to sit at my desk to do a bit now, but thought I'd show you something I did last week -

I love doing these Arty Farty Cribs :) They are so different each time I do them!

This one was fun to do too - I decided to add a 'Bead Bar' as I had on the very first one I made almost 2 years ago. My daughter (who's 21 in 2 weeks!!!) had a cot with this type of bead bar, which is where I got the original idea from.
This bar took a little working out! I started off with wire - but it wasn't srong enough to stay straight with the beads! After some playing around I came up with - a BBQ skewer inside an art straw! The pins from the brads you can see on the outside of the cot, are glued into the ends of the straws!
I love to use lace and ribbon to decorate the cots too. Oh, and I have NEVER used A3 card to make the box - I use the template but make 5 seperate pieces using A4.

Thanks for looking :)

Happy Crafting :)


  1. Wow!This is soooo clever!!Just stunning!X

  2. love your cribs carol,so cute

  3. wow this looks fab and so cute,Andrea x

  4. this is stunning lv :) the ff bears luk really good too :)

  5. Oh this is fab!!! Love the bead bar, what a brilliant idea x

  6. These are so awesome. NEver have seen them before. Thanks!

  7. CAROL!! WOW WOW WOW!!!! brilliant you really do make fantastic arty farty things!! can I post some pictures of your work on the shop blog as we stock them but I don't make them! yours are fantastic I would love more people to see what you have made! :0)

  8. carol this is stunning you are clever