Sunday, 20 September 2009

Celebrating My Scenery!

I have been inspired by the wonderful Kath to share with you some of the fantastic scenery on my doorstep!

After reading her post yesterday and seeing the gorgeous photos of her wonderful surroundings I thought I'd pop my camera in my bag this morning when Rob and I went for walk and coffee.

We live in South Wales and the photos are taken from Mumbles (Bracelet Bay) and Langland, both within a 20 min drive from us ........... and yeh - we had two coffee's!

Look how many are on the beach! And can you spot the people in the sea on the 3rd pic! Brrhhhh!

I'd love to see your photos Celebrating YOUR Scenery!


  1. Awh Carol - we don't know how lucky we are sometimes - great pictures :D

  2. Oh how lucky you are to be so close to the sea, beautiful photographs :o)
    Jackie xx

  3. thanks Carol for sharing such beautiful pics....and I would love to live near the sea....we sometimes forget that we live in such a beautiful country.....hugs kath xxxxx

  4. Clear the spare room girl - I'm on my way! Squirrelxx

  5. ooo carole i envy you your scenery you are so lucky to live in such a lovely place and so near the sea too love jenniexx

  6. Hi Carol,
    Beautiful scenery. Hubby used to work with the RNLI and visited Mumbles a couple of times. He says it's gorgeous down there.
    Fiona x