Sunday, 5 September 2010

I Need To Practise!!!

Something very exciting is happening soon........................and I need to make sure I know how to get Mr Blogger to post for me! Therefore I am practising the practice of schedule posting (can't you tell I had to look up in the dictionary to see if I was practising or practicing!!!)

Visit very soon to see what I'm waffling on about!

Edited to correct my spelling! Note to self - make sure I use spellcheck before scheduling!


  1. You mad woman! LOL, intrigued to hear what's happening. Sxx

  2. Mad?????????????? Me????????????? Noooooo!

    I have certificates to prove it!

    Well at least I know how to schedule my posts now - see you 8.30 tomorrow morning ;)

    Carol x

  3. You are not mad just trying. Have a nice day Margaret

  4. mmmmm what you up too!!!!
    carol i have left a litle something on my blog for you, x carol