Saturday, 4 September 2010

It's the Weekend!!!!!!!!!!!

....and I'm so glad I've got a day when I don't have deadlines to meet (well I do but it's only a little one!), or anywhere I NEED to be (again I do, but it's only a delivery!) What am I like!
 It's just it feels like months since I had a weekend when I wasn't somewhere else, or having to bury myself in Wedding Stationery ALL day!!! That's probably why I feel so relaxed today...I know I'm not going to be up till 4 in the morning getting to the next stage for the following day!
We have a Christening to go to tomorrow, with a bit of luck I'll get the card done but I think he'll have to wait for his crib!

I have another Nappy Cake to make today and deliver this evening - so will post a picture of it tomorrow, but here's the one I did last weekend for my sister......

and here's my new niece Amy.....

The Nappy Cake I made for Amy was a very 'quick' one as I only had enough nappies to make 2 smaller tiers - so I didn't have the 'room' to wrap loads of clothes etc around it. I quite like it tho - and it's given me the idea of doing themed ones - if I'd used towels instead of the 2 blankets on this one it would've been a 'Bath-time' cake. They'll work out much cheaper too - so I may make some up, rather than making them to order.

Right, off to roll more nappies for today's cake - this one wont be a 'quick' one as it's for a works collection - better go and find my large cake boards!!!!!!!


  1. WOW what a fantastic gift.
    Hugz Fleur xXx

  2. the nappy cake too! :0)
    Hope you're enjoying yourself!
    Helen x