Sunday, 5 September 2010

Todays Nappy Cake!

I know it's only just 'tomorrow' but I couldn't wait to show you!

Here's the Nappy Cake I made earlier and delivered to a very happy lady :)

Socks rolled into candles and placed into booties.....

Here it is wrapped and ready to go.....

and a close-up of the card attached.....

The inside of the Recipe Card, listing all that's included and the sizes.....

I LOVE making these - although I'm sure I've told you that before!

I'm planning on getting a challenge or card done tomorrow - after the Christening - and will also show you the Christening card I managed to do - didn't get the crib done but I did manage a candle :)


  1. Hi Carol,
    This is beautifully put togaether. How clever are you. I love it.
    Fiona x

  2. This is sooooo sweet Carol - I love those 'candles'! lol
    Helen x

    PS - thanks for linking my candy - good luck!

  3. How fab is this?!! I would have loved to have got one when I had my kiddies. Fabulous!!