Saturday, 29 August 2009

Some Awards :)

Have I been a naughty blogger lately or what! I have been given 3 awards recently and am only just getting around to passing them on!

Firstly I'd like to thank Sue & Helen who both awarded me........

And as the rules state, here are 7 facts that (some) people (may) find interesting about me!

1 - I have Bungee Jumped! And it was amazing :)

2 - I have twins (Boy & Girl and they will be 18 on Wednesday!)

3 - I have worked in the Prison Service for the past 8 years, with 15 - 18 yrs old boys.

4 - I studied 'Film Studies' in school and once appeared on a TV chat show about Grange Hill with John Craven. I treasured the photo I had taken with 'Stewpot' for years!!!

5 - I used to be a Punk!

6 - I worked for Ann Summers for 12 years! (not whilst I was a punk...scary!!!)

7 - Last November my 20 year dream to visit New York City came true - I spent a fantastic 7 days there and the highlight was the Helicopter ride :) I actually cried when we were coming down to land in JFK as I couldn't believe I was there!!! And I WILL be going again.

Have some of these 'facts' changed your view of me now?

The 3rd person I want to thank is Pauline who sent me this award

Huge Thank You's to the 3 of you :) It means a great deal to know that you thought of me and think my blog?/work?/friendship? worthy :)

As I know there are an awful lot of awards already given to many of you I am going to nominate 7 people who can then chose which of these awards they would like - If you pick the top one you MUST add the 7 (interesting) facts about yourself ;)

The 7 who I would like to pick one of the above awards are:

Helene - You inspire me every time I visit your blog - Thank you :)

Stephanie - Your skillmanship and generosity astounds me (and you show us topless pics of your hubby!) Thank You :)

Samantha - One of the friendliest bloggers I have had the pleasure of 'meeting' (hope to meet you for real soon!) - Thank You :)

Clare - A dedicated follower - It would be hard to find one card on my blog you've not commented on - Thank You :)

Sue - My 'oldest' crafting buddie whose encouragement and motivation got me in into this mess!!! I still have the card you made me when I'd been crafting for all of 2 weeks - Thank You :)

Alex - You are a very talented and generous lady, who is always there to help - Thank You :)

Pickle - You are another talented and generous crafting buddie - Thank You :)

Suzi - One of the few who I know will be on the DC forum until stupid o'clock - just like me! And is never too busy to help - Thank You :)

(If you have already been awarded either (or both) of these awards recently - sorry! As I was hopping over to my 7 nominations I noticed a few of you already had them! I wasn't going to spend another hour re-nominating so I wont take offence if you don't pass it on)

This has to be the hardest post I've had to write! How on earth I'm s'posed to feel ok about passing an award onto fewer than 100 people I don't know!

I would like to pass on my own little award to EVERYONE who has ever 'spoken' to me, offered me advice, answered a question, left me a comment or visited my blog........



  1. Good morning Carol!!
    The awards are so cute:O)

    Have a stunning weekend!!
    Hugs Benedicte.

  2. Morning Hun xx
    WOW Hoo..the sun is out here in S.Wales..fingers crossed it stays for us.

    Congrats on your awards..and thanks so much for thinking and passing the award on to me...big hugs clare xx

  3. Congrats on your awards carole - you totally deserve tham & my gosh - your facts are fabby hun! Bungee Jump / Punk / Ann Summers - my jaw was dropped on a few occasions lol

    New York is my second favourite city in the world (I'm not too keen on Helicptor rides though - always leaves me a bit queesy!)

    I can't believe you've passed an award onto me sweetie - I appreciate it so very much (love getting awards lol) Thanks a million *MWAH*
    Big Hugs
    Steph xxx

  4. Hello, I had to leave a note for you to say how fabulous your blog is. Your posts are interesting and very creative, and I love your pictures. Perfection !

    Thank you for sharing them all and best wishes.. enjoy the rest of the weekend...

  5. Hi!
    It is Grace here from Dancing Angel!
    Love the blog - have put it under my ffavourite blogs list!
    Thanks for commenting on mine

  6. Hi Carol! Thanks a lot for visiting my blog, and your nice comments. Really appreciate it! Your work is really, really stunning! I will be back visiting here! :) Good luck with winning the blog candy. Thanks for taking part!

  7. You're more than welcome for the award...and congrats on the second one too! :0)
    LOVE your much more interesting than mine! lol
    Helen x

  8. interesting 7 facts, New York sounds amazing

  9. Me again - just wanted to say thanks for linking my candy - good luck! ;0)
    Helen x

  10. As in the song, 'Oh Carol' many thanks for thinking of me when you were giving the awards (that last bit's not in the song, though, lol) I remember when you started crafting too and I've still got your lovely 'purple' card somewhere. Those of you who want to see one of Carol's very first efforts will find it on Docrafts in my gallery (Rachelsmum) near the beginning, it's purple and has doggies on it - sorry Carol but people need to see how very talented and creative you have become these days,(I loved that card, though but you have developed so much since then) You are always a great inspiration for everyone. Well done, love your blog too.
    Love and hugs xxsue